Groovy Baby!

Groovy Beans Coffee Co.

Who are we?

Our Groovy Company was founded out of the mutual Love for Coffee and Retro Style by a Group of Passionate Coffee Lovers. 

Offering Single-Origin Coffees, Custom Blends, Flavored Coffees, Craft Coffees and Iced Coffees to our Customers. Each with their own unique taste profile and place in Your day. 

We strive to provide Bodacious Coffees which are of the utmost Best Quality, sourced through only the best Suppliers from around the World, at a competitive price point to our Customers. We have access to Suppliers in different Countries, offering a range of different and unique Products. 

Our Team strive to Uphold the long last art of providing Great Customer Service to our Groovy Customers at all times. The gnarly products we offer are always sourced with the preface of being products which either directly support the farmers or the industry supply chain as a whole. We have a Proud standing Commitment to Promoting Fairness and Growth in the Industry at all times. 

Rest assured that all our Products conform to applicable regulations and Certification.
See our range of Bodacious Brews for Yourself and fall in Love with the bold aromas, quality blends and delectable flavors:





Those 3 words say more than enough to fully explain what we are all about. Oh, and being Groovy helps!



The Driving factors of our growth and your satisfaction

Quality Products
Customer Satisfaction
Unique Craft Coffees
Supporting the Supply Chain
Love and Care
The Future

What's up with Our Coffees?

Our supply of coffees are sourced through reputable suppliers and agents with years of experience. The efforts of our Suppliers are always aimed at supporting Coffee bean farmers and the Coffee supply chain. We take great care in ensuring that our products adhere to and exceed all requirements of Health and Quality Standards.

Get to know more about the beans we offer as well as the various roasts and grinds on offer. We are sure you will love our selection of Bodacious Brews


* Through sourcing and development. We do not claim to possess certification ourselves.